Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I Heart Gavin Too

I meant to write a special post about Gavin back in February when I wrote about Owen.  And it turns out I had no photos of Gavin to share.  None!  How sad is that?  The post just fell by the wayside.  But my love for Gavin has not.  So I'll finally say a few things about Gavin the Great.

He's fashionable.  He likes to hang out around the house in items found in anyone's closet but his own.

He's naked.  A lot.  I try to keep him clothed, I really do.  But inevitably the pants come off.  He even showed up in the buff while the neighbors were swimming with us last weekend.  I put his swim trunks back on him no less than four times that day.  But he's just more comfortable naked.  Who can blame him.

He's lazy.  When asked to pick up toys he sweetly replies, "No thanks Mom" or "I can't".  It's kind of cute, until I find myself picking things up over and over.  We're working on it.

He's silly.  I'm not sure if he means to be all the time.  But he is.  Look, there's his little head hiding in my piles of laundry.  Just doing his thing.

He's slightly out of control.  For instance in this video, you're not sure if he's gonna pull off a sweet move or accidentally run into a wall.

And he's independent.  A couple months ago we were potty training and I let him wear underwear to pick up Owen from school.  We were making our way off campus with a group of kids and parents, when all of a sudden I lost sight of Gavin.  I looked behind me and couldn't see him.  So I began walking back a few steps.  Suddenly I spotted him behind a bush, next to a classroom wall.  Pants down...peeing.  Right there in front of the school!  My first reaction was absolute horror!  All those people sitting in the pickup line must have been judging.  But then I realized, he's a pro.  He didn't need me.  I should be proud of my two-year old who needed to use the bathroom, didn't see one in sight, didn't want to wet his pants, discovered a bush (thank goodness for that), and proceeded to take care of business.  Pretty awesome.  Now, let's not let that happen again.


Diana said...

The pictures for the post rock! I totally giggled my way through the post. Great catching up with your family. Love the blog.

Mourad Caramel Mergaoui said...

Your blog is so beautiful....
god bless your kids and your family