Saturday, November 01, 2008


Maybe it's his age. Maybe it's his personality. Either way, Owen was firmly against wearing any sort of costume this year. And no amount of coercion or bribery could convince him otherwise. Trick-or-treating went a little like this.

First house...lose the feet
Second house...remove the headpiece
Third house...shed the outfit altogether
Fourth house...relegate the treat tote to Mom

And so it was that he trick-or-treated with no costume and no treat bag. He just couldn't be bothered with anything.

Yet he very much enjoyed trick-or-treating. He paraded around the neighborhood with his best buddy, Trenton (who kept his cowboy costume on the whole time, by the way). He greeted each and every dog or child we came across. He ran. Full on ran, from house to house.

In the end, we stuffed him into his suit just long enough to snap a few photos.