Sunday, June 05, 2011

May Catch Up

I feel like I need to bridge the gap in between posts. But there always seems to be something else to do that is higher on the priority list, and posting gets pushed aside. Also, I tend to sabotage myself by feeling like my posts have to be finished products. Something I will continue to work on...

So here's to rough drafts and posting more regularly!

My month of May in a nutshell:
1. A toothache turned out to be a cracked molar...the molar needed a crown...the crown upset my tooth's nerves...the nerves called for a root canal (through the new crown)...and four dental visits later I now have a happy, fake molar with a filling.

2. My iphone is hanging on by a fell out of my pocket and dropped on concrete, cracking the face pretty badly. It still operates, but is hard to read. The apple store took a look at it and informed me it also has water damage (oopsy-maybe it was that time it fell in the toilet?) So it was recommended I pay for a replacement or wait until December to upgrade. What to do?

3. I made a new batch of pendant necklaces to sell at a local spring boutique. I wish I'd taken a picture of the finished products all cutely packaged up, but here are a few I worked on.

4. I put on another ladies' activity night at church. We had dinner and some classes. I made the flyers (below) and managed to take home some extra flowers we used as centerpieces. Believe it or not these beauties all came from people's own backyards. The vibrant spring colors were amazing. I felt happy every time I walked by them.

5. And finally, I was busy helping plan a wedding reception. This was the first (and maybe last) time I've ever been asked to help with an event outside our activity meetings at church. A wedding reception is a much bigger affair. And I was slightly intimidated. But they assured me they only needed some ideas to get started. And really it was just the decorating aspect. Food and activities were already being handled. Thank goodness. I would have no idea how to feed that many people! Anyway, these are some inspiration boards I gave the couple to get started:

Black-Eyed G

It's a sad story really, so I'll spare you the details. Let's just say it involved the regular mischief and a fall. In fact there's been a lot of that lately. Mischief.

Gav is TROUBLE. And he thinks it's all fun and games. His latest antics include filling his mouth with drinks (any drink-water, milk, juice) and spitting it out everywhere. The thing is, there's no telling when he's going to do it. Just whenever.

He also likes to destroy things. He will break Owen's creations, scatter neatly-folded laundry, push buttons that shouldn't be pushed, climb things that shouldn't be climbed, and basically take apart the house tornado-style.

And worst of all, the scribbling. He's written on tables, walls, windows, himself. Just this week while I was changing a load of laundry he wrote with an inkpen on four separate cushions of our couch. I spent a good part of the morning cleaning it up. Luckily it all came out, but I fear for our furniture.

It's exhausting trying to keep up with him. And so far the time-outs don't seem to phase him much. When I give him the "no-no" talk, he smiles and replies, "OK Mama." He even looks remorseful. Then he proceeds to wreak havoc on something else in a happy-go-lucky way.

Wondering if the black eye incident will slow him down. Doubtful.