Thursday, January 20, 2011

Gav Look-Alikes

When I'm out and about with Gavin I get comments about his round cheeks or his bruiser physique. He's been called cute and handsome a time or two. But I also get told fairly often that he looks like someone famous. He's a bit of a look-alike I guess. I've done a quick comparison to show just who he's been compared to.

William Moseley. You may recognize him as "Peter" from the Narnia movies. I guess I can see it.

Prince Harry. I'm thinking the hair color and the teeth are the comparisons. I wouldn't mind if Gavin grew up to look like Harry. Very handsome.

Barney Rubble. Now this one came as a surprise. A cartoon with beady eyes? Kind of a stretch. But it could be worse I guess.

Matt Damon (in The Informant). I have to give Mark credit for this comparison. When we dressed Gavin up as Nacho for Halloween he strangely resembled the heavier version of Matt Damon. Just picture some glasses with that mustache on Gavin and I'd say the look-alike is pretty true. In fact Mark now nicknames Gavin "Fat Damon". So endearing, don't you think?

I guess I should also add the most recent comment - a comparison of Gav to the late Chris Farley (from the back side). Again, maybe it's his hair? His curves? Either way it's safe to say Gavin looks like a little man. Part handsome, somewhat quirky, and a bit round.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Gav 1.5

Gavin is eighteen months old. And that feels just about right. As much as time flies, it seems like Gavin has been part of our family forever. He is such a lovable little boy. His personality is fun and cheerful. His body is round and cuddly. His cheeks are rosy. His hair is swirly and awesome. And that little gap between his teeth is no longer there. In fact, he's almost got a mouth full of teeth. It seems each time he opens his mouth I see a couple more coming through.

He now weighs 29 lbs and is 33 inches tall. He is getting pickier with foods, but still manages to pack on the pounds. He regularly goes to the fridge and helps himself to his cup of milk or any other item on the lower shelf. And he's learned to pull a chair up to access the pantry or countertop. Scary!

He likes to help around the house and gets excited at the sight of a vacuum or broom. He loves to throw things in the garbage (Owen's clothes and random toys included). And he follows me everywhere. Eve-ry-where. My little shadow.

He is learning to mimic everything. If he hears Owen making vroom sounds with cars, he makes the same sounds. If he sees us laughing, he automatically begins to laugh. And he's acquiring more words in his vocabulary. He's mastered mom, dad, and Owen. Then there's the classic hi and bye (he LOVES those). And he's got animal sounds down. Plus he knows grandma, grandpa, ball, bath, backpack, wow, uh-oh, and a new favorite - dogpile.

He's pretty attached to his blanket. He loves to be naked (what little boy doesn't?) He is always up for bike rides, playing at the park, chasing or being chased, and snacking on crackers. He's starting to scribble (on and off paper), do puzzles, kick, throw, and roll a ball, stack and destroy...typical toddler tasks.

The kid is healthy, happy and loved.