Friday, April 03, 2009

San Diego

We recently returned from southern California where we spent a week in the sunshine with our Oregon friends. It was so nice to get away and enjoy the beautiful spring weather. We drove down and rented a beach house in the Carlsbad area where we soaked up the sights. Despite two urgent care visits (one for Owen and one for Kim) during the week, we fully enjoyed ourselves and began planning our next vacation together before this one even ended.

The first highlight of our trip was Legoland. I have to admit I have always heard great things about it but never really understood what could be so cool. And now I know! So maybe it's geared a bit more toward boys, but I think I enjoyed our day there just as much as Owen and Mark. So many fun things to do, see, ride, build...

One day during the vacation, Mark had to drive up to LA for work. So Owen and I went with our green-thumbed friend, Abby, to the Carlsbad Flower Fields. They were gorgeous and springy and so very perfect. Rows and rows of ranunculas as far as the eye could see. The greatest part was watching the field workers collect small bouquets of the delicate flowers and load them onto trucks. They looked like they were ready to be delivered to my local grocery store...but I got to see them being picked fresh from the fields!

Our second family outing was SeaWorld. I don't have any amazing pictures of it because we took more video than anything. But Owen's mouth was half-open in awe the entire day. In fact, we're still hearing him talk about "Shamu" the "BIG whale" and "San Diego". We had a great time seeing all the sealife and watching the amazing shows. And we were true theme park goers (to Both SeaWorld and Legoland). We arrived when it opened and stayed until it closed.

And our last big stop was the San Diego Temple. We couldn't leave the area without seeing such an exquisite building. We enjoyed a peaceful family walk along paths of perfectly manicured foliage. Then Owen released some wild and we left.

A trip to southern California? I would highly recommend it to anyone. Especially those of you who live in states that are still getting snow. C'mon, it's April already!