Thursday, September 18, 2008

Night Walk

It was the perfect evening for a night walk. So Owen and I put on our jackets and made our way outside.

First we had to gather the necessary supplies for the excursion.
Flashlight...check. Cup of milk...check. Mini pancake...check.

On the lookout for lizards. None tonight.

A trail of ants? You bet.

Mail from the postman? Not at this hour.

A fortuitous airplane sighting. Does it get any better?

Anything lurking in the pool? Not unless you count that drowned bee.

Was our night walk a success? Oh yes.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Enrichment Night

So I know I have been slacking on posts lately, but there is a very good reason. I have been up to my eyebrows in crafting and decorating for the past few weeks. Serving as the Enrichment Leader at church, I was in charge of putting together the annual craft night. Now that it is said and done, I think the evening turned out pretty well. Aside from the organizing of classes and gathering of supplies, I prepared a demo on "setting a holiday table" (as if I'm an expert on the subject...please!). Anyway I showed how to create six different holiday tables using one set of dishes. I really wish I had pictures of the finished products, place settings and all. But I only managed to take a few pics during the planning process. Mark is SO glad the planning process is over, by the way. Now we can use our dining room table again and he doesn't have to watch Owen every night while I make a trip to the store to buy "just one more thing, honey!"

These paper lanterns were used as the centerpieces on the dinner tables. They rested on a pretty piece of autumn paper layered with burlap.

For this Thanksgiving centerpiece I used metallic paints to give the gourds a lustrous look.

I love the pop of colors in this centerpiece. Fall fruits and vegetables sound so yummy right now.

This is for a kids' table. I just love the tiny pilgrim hats on candy sticks (thanks, Kim, for helping to glue all those little pieces together!)

Peppermints! It would be fun to incorporate other classic Christmas treats with this.

I used my cupcake stand as a holiday tree by placing shiny ornaments on it. Super easy!

Guess you know what I'll be using on my Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner tables.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


My brother graced us with his presence a couple weekends ago. So I will grace you with some pictures of his presence.

We spent a day up in San Francisco seeing the sights. What's not to love about the Golden Gate?

I have never been to the bridge on a more beautiful day. Perfectly visible. Perfectly warm.

We also visited the Oakland Temple grounds where Owen found a friend.

And a girlfriend.

And a pet.

And we made a trip to the beach where the boys skimboarded their little hearts out.