Thursday, September 18, 2008

Night Walk

It was the perfect evening for a night walk. So Owen and I put on our jackets and made our way outside.

First we had to gather the necessary supplies for the excursion.
Flashlight...check. Cup of milk...check. Mini pancake...check.

On the lookout for lizards. None tonight.

A trail of ants? You bet.

Mail from the postman? Not at this hour.

A fortuitous airplane sighting. Does it get any better?

Anything lurking in the pool? Not unless you count that drowned bee.

Was our night walk a success? Oh yes.


Abby said...

Ok that was the cutest thing I've ever seen.

SOLO said...

yes, the pool is green due to the radiactive sub layers of earth in the bay area.

Abby said...

mark, I was so excited, thinking you had a blog, too. you tricked me. trickster.

Kimba said...

We missed you guys! I have all sorts of magazines to share with you. :) Have fun tonight, good luck with the pictures!

Also, is that a new sweatshirt for Owen? Super cute. Love the mini pancake...and seriously. The ants here need to go! :)

Baxter Bugs said...

The Pirate likes Owen's jacket.

Jess said...

I can't believe how big Owen is! What a cutie pie. You seriously should put a link for his jacket because he is selling it!! Hope you are doing great with your husband roaming the earth :)

simply jami said...

cute post and the cutest little boy!!!