Friday, January 25, 2008

Rain, Rain, Go Away



go away...

come again...

another day!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Camera Shy

I always intend to take lots of pictures during Christmas, but I think this year was an all-time low. As I scrolled through my options to share with you on the blog, I found exactly five. And I only deem two worth sharing. Pathetic, yes. But don't you worry. All this picture-taking (or lack of) is about to change. I will be getting a new camera in a matter of days. And just like a new pair of running shoes, a new camera will inspire me get out there and sweat! Right?

Anyway, here are my pictures of our Christmas spent in Salt Lake City. Owen loved being at his grandparents' house. He even had his very own snow shovel to help clear the driveway.

We spent a few days at the family cabin near Park City and saw A LOT of snow fall. We loved snowmobiling and sledding as usual. But the best part was experiencing it with Owen. He did so well in the snow. It really surprised me. And he was totally stylin' in his snowsuit (on lend from our Utah cousins). In fact, we thought he looked a bit like the younger brother on "A Christmas Story". You be the judge.

Friday, January 04, 2008

First Storm

Where have I been this past month? Well, I'll be blogging about my month of December later. I've got breaking news...We got back into town yesterday afternoon. And I was so excited to return to the San Jose mild winter weather. But lo and behold, a winter storm decided to move its way through the Bay Area and this is the result. (Note: These photos were taken from inside. Are you crazy? I wasn't going out there!)
See that big gap between the trees? Yeah, that used to be a fence.

So the fence was a little wobbly when we moved in. But, come on! Our poor plants are squished beneath the rubble.

And beneath this canopy lies our lovely poolside table and a heap.