Saturday, November 20, 2010


...or "How we've spent our Saturdays for the last three months"

We just finished up our first season of soccer with Owen. And I count it as a success. Not because of our winning record, I might add. (We lost every single game.) But because we started the season like this:

And ended like this:

Our little #6 once again approached things on his own terms. He refused to play for the first month of practices and games. It was pure torture. Mark would coax and lead, beg and plead. But to no avail. Then slowly Owen warmed up to his coaches and teammates and at least stayed on the field for the whole game. By season's end, he was kicking the ball right along with the rest of them...and enjoying it.

Last week we celebrated the season with a team party. Pizza was eaten, trophies were handed out, and we got a piece of this amazing cake:

Now that soccer's through I wonder if we should attempt baseball in the spring...