Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Construction Play Box

The other day I finally bought some beans and completed our construction box.  I figured this would be a new fun and inexpensive idea (and it was...thanks Pinterest!).  And I figured it would easily entertain Gavin for a bit while I cleaned the house (and it did...only not in the way I expected).  

It began like this.  Using the construction vehicles to move the beans around, he was busy digging and dumping and working his machines.

When I came back a little later it had turned into this.  A nice cozy spot to rest apparently.  There were construction vehicles, beans, and flip flops OUTSIDE the box.  Gavin was INSIDE the box.

I carried on with my work for a bit more until I heard Gavin say from the next room, "C'mon blankie.  Let's go in the bean box."  I peeked my head in again to see this.   

To each his own.  I should have expected the clothes would come off.  They always do. 

*Shortly after this incident Gavin and I made a mutual agreement to wear clothing in the bean box.  Pulling beans out of one's crack is no fun for him or me!