Wednesday, September 10, 2008


My brother graced us with his presence a couple weekends ago. So I will grace you with some pictures of his presence.

We spent a day up in San Francisco seeing the sights. What's not to love about the Golden Gate?

I have never been to the bridge on a more beautiful day. Perfectly visible. Perfectly warm.

We also visited the Oakland Temple grounds where Owen found a friend.

And a girlfriend.

And a pet.

And we made a trip to the beach where the boys skimboarded their little hearts out.


Britanny said...

Man, you can find anything on the temple grounds. Owen is adorable!

Kimba said...

A girlfriend AND a pet! :) Love it. That IS a gorgeous day in the city, it must be the end of summer.

Abby said...

Adorable little owen, and adorable little you!

SOLO said...

mark is hot!

janet solomon said...

i hope you washed off the "little girlfriends" lips before you let owen kiss her - you never know what has been on those lips.