Monday, April 09, 2012

A Happy Easter

The boys dressed in their Easter Sunday best

Evidence of our awesome glow-in-the-dark egg hunt with the neighbors.  
We filled about 250 plastic eggs with glow sticks and goodies!  The kids LOVED it!

And our little spring seedlings sprouted in time for Easter
 (thanks Grandpa Solomon for buying them for us!) 


Kimba said...

okay, adorable outfits! also, i saw that egg idea on pinterest and loved it! wyatt would have loved that. maybe next year!

have those from target, and my friend tried to go get them and was told they'd been recalled and wouldn't sell them to her! crazy huh? wyatt loves them though....caleb thinks maybe lead paint? :) they're so cute though!

Britanny said...

Those boys looked so good in their easter clothes! And, the easter egg hunt? Brilliant! Gives me ideas for next year...

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