Sunday, March 25, 2012

Raiders Football

The season ended weeks ago, but I am finally sitting down to post a few highlights from flag football.  This was Owen's first attempt at the sport and, true to form, he was slow to warm up to the idea.  But with each practice and game he gained more confidence and ended up loving it!

 I was amazed to see the growth of Owen and really all the boys on the team.  Most of them had very little experience playing, and were clueless as to the rules/positions of the game.  But by the season's end they were completing all sorts of plays.  It was so much fun to watch!

Owen loved playing quarterback the first half of the season because he could hand off the ball to a teammate and avoid getting his flags pulled.  But eventually he got comfortable running the ball and even scored a few touchdowns.  

Another team, another trophy.  I don't think it ever gets old for Owen.  It was a great season with mild weather, fun coaches, and energetic boys.  Flag football was a good experience.  I'm a fan!



Brenda Hodson said...

Awesome touchdown!

Kimba said...

so awesome! we miss coming to see o play! love that pic of him all aggressive and hunched over.

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