Sunday, March 11, 2012

Bahamas in February

After a lot of talk, much waiting, and an insurmountable amount of coordinating...we finally did it!  We managed to get away on a couples retreat!  And I'm so glad we did.  We met up with our Boston friends and our Bountiful friends to cruise to the Bahamas.

This was my second cruise, and it was decidedly different than the first.  Smaller boat + shorter distance + cheaper price + spring season = party cruise.  Without our bikinis and booze, we seemed to fit in best with the older set; preferring card games and shuffleboard, to pool parties and bar tabs.  But really, we were there to hang out with our friends and relax...and that's just what we did.

(The whole group "awkward family photo" style....the girlies hanging out after hours....and us)

(Our ship...shuffleboard with the guys...gettin' crazy with cards)

We spent  our first stop at Cococay Island.  Cococay consisted of lounging on the beach, taking a nature walk, searching for shells and small sea creatures, and taking shelter in a cabana during a  rainstorm.  The island felt a little overcrowded with fellow cruisers.  But once we discovered the other side, with a beautiful remote beach, it was just perfect.

(Two things...why didn't I get a spray tan before the trip?...and what is Mark doing in the plants?)

Our second destination was Nassau, Bahamas.  We chose to spend our day at the Atlantis Resort.  It's actually been on my list of places I would love to go on a family vacation.  And after spending the day there, I am positive my boys would love it.  The place is massive.  I'm talking water slides and activities, pool after pool, private beaches and aquariums.  Seriously, the aquariums were amazing...mostly because of how you could view the sea life.  Glass tunnels and underground walkways.  So much fun!

(Look at the size of that Manta Ray!!!)

Back on the ship I have to say we had the most fun while dining.  How can you go wrong with food, friends, and a waiter like Sina?  He dazzled us with his magic tricks and kept us on our toes with his rich Philippino accent.  Sina made everything better.

And what's a cruise without towel pets?  It was always a fun surprise to see how the towel would come to life each night.  Our room attendant gifted us with these.
(Note: I really must learn how to make these for my house guests.)

 After we arrived back at our port in Florida, we had some time to kill before flying back home.  So we took an air boat ride through the everglades in search of alligators.  I was amazed at how the air boat maneuvered through tall plants and marshy areas with ease.  We got to see a handful of gators on our ride and even got to take turns holding a small one that was 4 years old.  (Another activity my boys would have loved.)  

We were so thankful to Mark's family for taking good care of our boys while we were away.  They loved having Grandpa, Grandma, Krissy and baby Calvin around for the week.  Whadda you say we pencil you in for another stay in three years from now?