Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

There are so many fun and clever Valentine ideas out there.  Every time I pick up a magazine or look online I find another idea that is cuter than the last.  Valentine treats.  Valentine sweets.  Valentine cards.  Valentine food.  Valentine TOMS (would LOVE a pair!).

Anyway, I thought I would share a couple Valentines we've made.  Last year we used an idea I found online, and it worked perfectly for preschool because it didn't require any writing.  Owen simply helped me cut the slits in the photo paper and insert the lollipops. 

And here are the valentine cards we made for Owen to pass out this year in kindergarten.  Again, we took a photograph but gave it a new spin.  (Go ahead...burst my bubble.  I hope your Valentine's Day is bursting with fun!).  I love the way it's boyish and cute all at the same time.  Owen wrote out all the names and we stapled each card to a pack of bubble gum.  

Hope you have a LOVEly Valentine's Day!


Brenda Hodson said...

So Clever!

Kimba said...

so cute, as always bridge!! i was incredibly lazy this year, haven't done a thing! grabbed some candies today to give caleb & wy, & the only valentines i sort of did were the cookies we decorated yesterday, to my parents. i'm lame this year. :)

(ps, wyatt's still asking to fly to see you guys....siiiiiiigh. soon!)

Angela said...

cool card!

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