Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Today I found this paper sitting on a table by the couch. Quite the list, I must say. It was written by my 9-yr old niece, Olivia. I think numbers 23 and 26 need special mention. I mean who DOESN'T want a a big fluffy eskimo jacket and fancy stuff?

And this photo is our first bona fide "Santa" picture. I don't know why we haven't done it with Owen before now. I guess we're not really into meeting Santa at the mall. But our friends were going and we thought it would be fun. I'm so glad we did it. Everytime I look at the picture it makes me happy.

Hopefully Santa is good to you this year. Have a Merry Christmas!


Lisa Best said...

What a cute Santa list. That's kinda how mine looked as a kid. :)

I wanted to tell you that your Christmas card is SO cute!

See you guys soon!

Kimba said...

Love Gav's face! And that's a good smile for O. :) Hope your drive went well, and you're having fun!

Abby said...

Okay. Owen is totally doing the Mark smile there. Hilarious. That picture makes me smile, too.