Monday, January 11, 2010

Home Again

Our holiday travels proved successful. We had a fantastic time catching up with family and old friends. And a highlight of the trip was the return of my two youngest brothers from Chile (where they were serving church missions for the past two years). It was so great to see them again and hear about their experiences abroad. And as is customary each year, we took a family photo to send out with the annual Christmas card. It was awesome to have all six siblings in the picture together with their respective families. I am amazed by how much we've grown over the years. We started sending out the annual card when I was just ten years old. Our family was young and cute then. I suppose some of us are still cute and relatively young, but we have more than doubled in number. Amazing.

Notice we are all wearing Chilean scarves. A piece of Chile brought back by my brothers. Also of interest...Owen could not get Bryant and Brad straight for some reason. So he resorted to calling them the "white-faced one" and the "dark-faced one". Weird? Yes. Which is which? You tell me.


Kimba said...

Again, ya'll look fantastic. And Shannon! Look at how long her hair is! Love the scarfs.

turleybenson said...

I just laughed for a full minute about white face and dark face. Something tells me that kid needs a little more multi-cultural exposure.

Abby said...

Owen's pose is hilarious. He looks so grown up!

And I, for one, think you all look very cute. Just a bunch of blonde skinny folks.