Friday, December 18, 2009

Dear Grandmas

We have been counting down the days until our Christmas adventure begins. We are so excited to see you both this year (and Grandpas too, of course).

Here are some things you have to look forward to during our visit:

Running your fingers through this. I call it an awkward hair phase. We've got the fuzzy duck look going on. But you'll also get to see the classic after-bath comb over. And don't forget the always-attractive bald spot in back.

Rolls. Lots of them. Especially around the inner thighs, elbows, wrists and ankles. You'll have plenty of chances to squeeze, pinch, and jiggle the chubbs.

Feeding "doggy" Owen. His diet requires special attention. You must set out a handful of Scooby snacks and a bowl of water each day.

Action. And more action! This one jumps off everything. I guess the broken arm incident failed to take the daredevil out of him.

Conversations like this:
Owen: Ethan called me a booty-face. And I told him not to call me that.
Me: You're right, Owen. That's not very nice. We don't call people booty-face.
Owen: Yeah, because we have white faces.

Oh, you're in for a treat. We can't wait to see you!


Brenda said...

Oh boy... here we go. Can't wait!

Kimba said...

Pretty much sums it up! :) Love that last shot! Super cute. Hope the drive went well! We'll have to compare nap notes...Wyatt logged an entire 45 minutes the entire day.

Erin said...

"booty face" Did will get the "booty" thing from Owen or did Owen get it from Will?

BTW Will talks about Owen ALL THE TIME. When we are at the store he tells me all the stuff that Owen likes to eat. :)