Thursday, June 11, 2009

Bending it Like Beckham

Would you believe this child is just two years old? I don't know if it's because I've got baby on the brain or if I'm just realizing my little guy is not so little anymore--either way, I swear he looks at least four.

Lately Mark and Owen have been kicking the ball around together at the park and in our culdesac. And I love watching them play. Mark must be in heaven to finally have a little soccer player in training.

Mark has played on a soccer team ever since I've known him. When we were dating I used to watch him play indoor soccer in Salt Lake. Then when we got married and moved to Houston he played on both an indoor team and an outdoor coed team. Once I even attempted to play on the coed team with him. Seriously. I look much better from the sidelines than I do on the field in shin guards and cleats. (Short-lived was my soccer career.) And then we moved to Oregon, and Mark continued to play the sport he grew up playing. Whether it was on his lunch break or at a late night game, he managed to make time for soccer. But ever since we came to California Mark has been off the field. With a kiddo in the mix and a demanding job, life just got busy. And I didn't realize how much I missed watching soccer until I saw these pictures of Owen.

I have a feeling the sport may be making a comeback in the next few years. My little O is growing up. And with another boy on the way, I think "Soccer Mom" is in my future.


Kimba said...

Great shots, Bridge! And I can't think of anything better than little boys playing soccer. Can't wait for his first game... :)

Abby said...

I love it. Get that kid on a team!

Erin said...

he definately looks older than 2! What a good lookin kid though! And you'll be a great soccer mom. :)

Mellanee said...

I see fame in O's future! You're so right, he does seem older than
2. And soooo cute. Best wishes to you, Mark and Oee Oerson.