Saturday, July 09, 2011

Spring Baseball

I guess since t-ball ended a month ago, it's time I blogged about it.
I had such a great time watching O play t-ball. And I think that was mostly because HE had such a great time playing.

Our experience was very different from that of last fall's soccer. He actually participated from the get go, without prodding or pushing. And there was a lot less frustration with this sport. He also had a wonderful couple of coaches that always brought excitement to the game. I was amazed by how much his swing improved over the season. And can I just tell you how cute it is to watch a team of little boys in their clean white uniforms with matching shirts and ball caps?!. Loved it.

One of my favorite shots from the season. This man sat on the bench watching his grandson at a practice one day. Gavin decided to join him on the bench. And there the two of them sat.

The squint.

The stance.

The swing...and strike.

The slide.

The spirit

See you next spring!

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Kimba said...

we just loved seeing him play! and what a great idea for this age. nothin' beats that first hit to the cap though! :) love that squint face - he looks so old!