Saturday, July 16, 2011

Gav 2.0

He stands 35.5 inches tall. He weighs 32.5 pounds. He's all boy. And he just turned 2.

He's my sweet little heavyweight. And I can hardly contain myself when he wears his European swim trunks. I just want to squeeze him.

What a difference a year has made. He is so much more independent; less baby. This summer's beach trips have proven it. He can go nearly all day at the beach and busy himself with jumping waves, digging holes, eating snacks and wandering around. It's like he's a kid or something!

He LOVES his daddy. Actually he is fairly obsessed with keeping tabs on Owen and me too. But if ever Mark is at work or traveling or at a church meeting, Gavin is constantly inquiring about him. Con. stant. ly. And if he gets to go somewhere with dad it's the best day ever.

The kid has no fear. He does a lot of things that probably shouldn't be done. I often say he's "an accident waiting to happen" because even if his tubby body can't keep up, he is willing to try it. Second children. They're amazingly grown up.

He's a funny one. He does things that make us all laugh. And if he knows we'll react to something, he'll take it up a notch or do some more. He insisted on wearing this little number to pick up Owen one day from preschool. Would NOT let me take it off. I don't think he thought he looked cool. I'm pretty sure he was going for a reaction. And someday I'll have to share a video of the infamous "bum jump" where he drops from a standing position to an immediate sit position on any surface. On the carpet, the kitchen floor, the bath tub. We've tried to discourage it for fear of long-term damage. But seriously, it's hilarious.

Boy, does he love Owen. They've got a serious brotherly relationship forming. I've seen them act so sweetly toward one another, sharing snacks and helping each other out. They play really well together most of the time and make each other laugh. Yet there's the screaming and the wrestling matches and the teasing and bickering. True siblings.

All in all, I can't believe how he has grown. He's practically a kid. If it weren't for the recent onset of terrible twos, I'd say this child was practically perfect in every way. And we love him.


Britanny said...

That kids has to be the cutest thing EVER! You can totally see his personality in the pictures. And you're right--he is starting to look more and more grown up (wah!).

Kimba said...

we love him too!! every time wy asks about gav and o i just can't stand it. and seriously, that bum drop is the best thing i've ever seen. wy's tried it a few times, but it's just not the same.

Abby said...

oh i look at those pictures and just want to squeeze him. he looks like a little teddy bear!