Friday, May 13, 2011

Why Don't I Have More Photos?

After sweet talking, then begging, then bribing, I was able to convince my boys to take some photos on Easter Sunday. I quickly grabbed the camera for a three-minute photo session, wherein I got the following photos.

"Ok guys, can you please stand together?"

"Gavin, get up.
Owen, can you help?"

"Just give me a quick smile please!"

"Owen, can you sit by Gavin or put your arm around him?
Gavin, stop making your pirate face."

"Aaaaand, we're done."


janet solomon said...

LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!! Be thankful you weren't having to have Mark in the pictures also. Just another challenge. Please don't give up - they make my day.

Kimba said...

janet, so true. lol

it's perfect. also, good blackmail for later. :) i have some good pics of the zoo, i'll email them to you today!

Brenda Hodson said...

Those little guys make me smile! Keep trying!

gusDon said...

cute! happy easter! children is a gift!