Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hey Batter Batter

We decided to try out spring baseball since fall soccer went so well (not really). And Owen has really enjoyed it so far. He willingly goes to practice and actually participates without prodding and tears. We actually signed him up for coach pitch t-ball, which means a tee is used only after three missed swings. Here's Owen up to bat at his very first game.

What I did NOT capture on my iPhone was the last hit of the game. The other team was up and their star player was at bat. She was dang good. On the second pitch she swung and whacked that ball directly between second and third base....right where Owen was standing. It smacked him right in the head (or rather the bill of his cap). Immediately the coaches ran over to see if he was alright. No reaction. He just stood there. Silent. I think the coaches and other parents were freaked out because he didn't react AT ALL. No crying, no words, no response.

I knew, however, that Owen absolutely hates any kind of attention when he gets hurt. He usually runs away. But in this case he just stood there. Eventually he walked off the field and he was totally fine. But he has an amazing coach who felt so bad about the whole ordeal that he gave Owen a special game ball.

On it he wrote:
Cubs vs. A's


Kimba said...

it was a crazy direct hit! sad we missed the rest of it though! next time...

Brenda Hodson said...

Looks like baseball is Owens thing! Fun video!