Thursday, July 15, 2010

Birthday No.1

Gavin recently turned one. And I almost didn't do anything to celebrate it. Poor, poor second child that he is. But we had family in town and I figured it would be fun to have a little party. So I used this rainbow stacker I bought for him as inspiration...and away we went.

My nephew and I got together and learned how to make balloon animals to decorate the table. We spent an entire afternoon twisting and turning these creatures. Now I have mad balloon-making skillz. Book me for your next party.

I also grabbed an assortment of soda pop in colorful hues to go with dinner. We decided to pour and pass, so we could try several different flavors. The crowd favorite? High Mountain Huckleberry--out of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. A surprising runnerup? Dr. Brown's Celery Soda. Interestingly good.

And the cake? A six-layer stack of colors sandwiched between whipped vanilla frosting. It was super easy to make and just the right touch for the colorful occasion.

It was a good day. Sadly Gavin spent the celebration in a bit of a daze because he had received two vaccines earlier in the day and was feeling sluggish. But he managed to down a slice of cake in honor of himself.

Stay tuned for more updates and pictures of the birthday boy.


turleybenson said...

who are you and why can't I be you.

Kimba said...

it was everything and more! :) as always, bridge brought her game. we had a great time, and i still vote my favorite to be that lemon lime...ooh, and the lemonade was good.

Abby said...

Looks like that party down in true Solomon style! Sure would have loved to be there. Happy birthday to little (big) Gav.

Justin and Randi said...

I have had that cake booked marked for a while now and now i just might have to make it. I need ideas for Stella's 1 year birthday, do you have any good ones? Where did you get the wooden rainbow ring toy? You are amazing and i wish i had your skills! I really wish we lived closer.

Lisa said...

At first I thought the stacker toy was the cake. I was like WOW! But seriously. Awesome party! You need to teach me to make balloon animals, you do have "mad skillz".