Sunday, March 28, 2010

"Owen is me and Gavin is you"

Those were the words spoken by Mark on Sunday night. And they pretty much sum up my thoughts too. Why do I feel the need to pick apart my children's traits and put them in a category of "yours" and "mine"? Is that natural? Because I find myself doing it all the time.

Gavin has my hair texture because it is so fine. Owen's hair is more thick and coarse like Mark's.

Owen is a heavy sleeper (like Mark). He can pretty much sleep through anything. Gavin, on the other hand, is a light sleeper (like me) who wakes at the drop of a hat.

Gavin seems to have my temperament as a child--calm and easy-going. Whereas Owen seems to have Mark's childhood disposition--emotional and strong-willed.

And really, how could you NOT compare their looks?

At one month:

At four months:

At eight months:

I could go on but I know that our children cannot be labeled in every category. They each have their very own personality with unique traits that neither Mark nor I possess. And as they grow up they'll become more and less like us. But for the time being, I'm sticking with Mark--Gavin is me and Owen is he.


Kimba said...

We totally do this, the dividing traits thing. And I have to agree with you guys - though they look alike, their personalities are total opposite! Just like you and Mark. :) But look! It works! They'll be best friends.

Holy crap, they look so much alike! But different!

Jeana said...

That is so funny because I find myself doing that same thing with Fernando. Landon is so much like Fernando happy go lucky and easy going and Ben like me my way or the highway...headstrong. Its true your boys will be bestfriends because though my boys fight they are best buds and they couldn't be more oppostie. :)