Thursday, March 25, 2010

One of Those Nights

Both boys were in bed. I did the dishes, tidied up the last of the toys, folded two loads of laundry, and read a couple chapters in my book.

Tucked myself in and went to sleep.

Just before midnight
Mark returned from a business trip. I noticed him, then promptly dozed off.

Just after midnight
Gavin awoke with a mild cry. We listened to see if he would go back to sleep. No luck. Since he'd been teething I knew what he wanted, so I decided to nurse him and put him back to bed.

Sometime between 1am and 3am
Owen showed up by my side and announced that he wet his bed. I followed him back to his room where we changed his pjs and his sheets.

Woke up to Owen yelling "Mooooommmmmy". Stumbled to his room to find him covered in puke. He was shivering and soiled and required a bath.

Filled the tub and soaped the kid up. Threw his soiled clothes and sheets in the growing pile of laundry to do in the morning. Put him back in bed.

Gavin awoke with a tiny wimper. I decided to let him cry it out.

Still crying it out. Then came another cry from Owen's room. He had puked again, this time in the kitchen pot I had provided after the last incident. We cleaned up his face and mouth in the bathroom and rinsed out the pot. Meanwhile Gavin was still crying in his room.

Mark finally awoke for the first time since his midnight arrival. He tried to coaxe Gavin back to sleep while I tucked Owen back in. Gavin wasn't having it. Mark, in an effort to help, decided to prepare a small bottle of stored milk from the fridge so I could get some sleep.

Mark brings Gavin to me and reports that he spilled the milk while warming it and there would be no bottle. I proceeded to nurse Gavin back to sleep.

Finally back in my bed to sleep for the night.

Owen puked for the third time and decided to be up for the day. I turn on some morning cartoons for him and headed back to bed.

Gavin woke up for the day.

Mark showered and left town on another business trip.

I don't know who to feel more sorry for....Owen (who has now thrown up about 8 times), myself (exhausted and sleep-deprived), or Mark (who spent 8 hours at home between travels enjoying a night of "pure bliss".)

See what you're missing out on when you're gone, honey?


Abby said...


I will remember this the next time I think I have a bad night.

Diana said...

I know who to feel sorry for--you. What a lousy night for everyone. I hope tonight is better.

turleybenson said...


I'm so sorry, Bridge. I hate this post.


Brenda said...

Parenthood... isn't it great!? Hang in there believe me it is all worth it :o)

Britanny said...

Yep, I feel sorry for YOU too! What a rotten night! We've had bad ones, but I don't remember them being THAT bad. Turn the tv on, pour some cereal on the floor, and take a nap. The kids will survive. And tell them not to puke anymore. How miserable for all of you!

Lisa Best said...

Ugh! What a night! It's YOU I feel sorry for.

Is this what I have to look forward to? ;)

Queen M said...

LOL. Been there. How hilarious.