Thursday, October 01, 2009

Top 10 Reasons to Visit Seattle

10. This view from my parents backyard window. Can't you just smell the fresh air by looking at it?

9. Watching morning cartoons in style.

8. Falling water and King of the Mountain.

7. Catching frogs with the professionals, Jack and Piper.

6. Birthday celebration with the cousins. Mmmm, we like our cupcakes.

5. Picking fresh vegetables from the garden...even if they weren't quite ready to be picked.

4. Getting to sit on Grandpa's lap.

3. Playing on the latest and greatest equipment at the park.

2. Checking out the salmon at the Issaquah fish hatchery.

1. A deer in the backyard! We saw this mother and her two babies more than once during our stay.

(All pictures via my iphone)


Angela said...

How fun that you are visiting your parents. I live in Sammamish too, close to Skyline high school. Looks like you took your kids to Ebright creek park.

Angela Moulton

Abby said...

Fuuuuuuun. Your parents new home looks just beautiful. And what the fish hatchery? I want to go to there.

turleybenson said...

I just noticed you added little Gavin to your masthead. Sooooo cute. Can't wait to meet him!!!