Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring Project: New Carpet

We have never been very attached to the carpet in our place. It is old and worn, holds the smells of renters past, has no padding, and is off-white. Off-white! Kids and light carpet do not a happy combination make. After shopping around a bit, we found a great deal and snagged it. The new carpet was installed a few weeks ago. And it is heavenly!
Somehow, with new-carpet stars in my eyes, I overlooked the fact that we would have to move all our belongings out of the house for this little renovation. It was a painful couple of days. I did what little I could and left the heavy-lifting to Mark (and a few good friends).
In the end? Totally worth it! Not only do we have the new carpet, but I was also able to sneak in a deep spring cleaning of the entire house. We decluttered and donated, spaced out and spruced up. Though my nesting instincts tell me there is more to do, I am feeling pretty satisfied with the changes.
We forgot to take a good "before" pic, so you have a "during" pic instead. It doesn't give a true picture of the improvement. But trust me, it's oh so much better.


Britanny said...

One word: jealous! I want your carpet...someday.

Kimba said...

AND it feels like you're walking on air! :)

Adds a "spring" in your step.

And it's a lovely shade. Your house, as always, is beautiful.

justin said...

looks good

janet solomon said...

bridgette, i need more pictures of owen in his dialy life routine. i miss him. you can keep blogging about events but have him sitting on the stairs in the "before" and sliding down the banister in the "after".