Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring Enrichment Night

Whenever there is a serious lack of blogging going on, you can be sure we are busy living our lives. And now that spring has sprung, we are tackling one project after another. The first one I'll post about is our church Enrichment Night Birthday Dinner that took place last week. I only snapped a few photos before the evening got underway, but our theme was "Hats Off to Relief Society".

As you can imagine the decor featured a lot of hats. I tried to stick to a spring color scheme of pinks, yellows, and oranges. Everything looked fresh and springy. On each of the dinner tables sat a white hat. We overturned the hats and used them as vases to hold arrangements of bright flowers. We also hung pink, yellow, and orange rice paper daisy decorations on the walls behind the serving tables. We created a display board that showcased each of the General Relief Society presidents over the past 167 years too. But my favorite feature of the evening had to be a grouping of old-fashioned hats borrowed from Mark's grandma. The hats had been stored away in the most delicate hat box and each was so special. I felt privileged to borrow them for the evening. We served a delicious dinner and held a fashion show of hats. Everything turned out really well. Now I can take a few breaths before I have to start planning the next Enrichment Night!


Kimba said...

SO glad it went well! It looks fabulous, as always, and though I loved that Beehive Hat, I do think Mark's grandma's were a lot better. :)

Five Little Monkeys said...

Beautiful, just like everything you do! It looks like we might have the same calling, we had ours last Thursday. I hope all is going well with baby #2! amie

Abby said...

Oh, it's all so pretty Bridge. Everything definitely has your signature on it. And those hats! Gorgeous. Why don't we wear things like that anymore?

It's us! The Powell's said...

I've been wanting to call you and thank you for the recent package. The colors and hints are much appreciated for my boys room. Now I need to get off my duff and get it done.
Reading your blog I was equally impressed (as others have mentioned) as I thought about you being pregnant, busy with O and LIFE putting this on.