Monday, June 30, 2008

The Hulk

I think it's time to let you in on a little secret. (whispered) Owen has a FIERCE case of the Hulk. This may not be news to some of you. I've mentioned before that he was a struggle in Italy, but there were other circumstances that brought out that beast. And then yesterday. Yesterday he made me cry.

It began a couple months ago. At least that's when I started to notice that my sweet little one wasn't as sweet as I once believed. First came the frustration. Then an escalated pattern of grunting, crying, and the like. Soon Mark and I said to ourselves, "Oh, it looks like our little guy is having a hard time expressing himself. How cute. But he'll talk soon enough." Then came the incessant head banging. Anger, and a quick search for the nearest hard place to bang his head. Not enough to really hurt, mind you, but just enough to cause a minor bruise. We tried our best to ignore the dramatics and pay attention to the cues so a tantrum wouldn't dare show its ugly little head. And that's when he kicked it up a notch. High-pitched shrilling screams were followed by thrown objects. So Mark and I said to ourselves, "This is more serious. Perhaps our little guy needs time out from the situation to calm down. Yes, time out," we both agreed. Thus began the hitting, headbutting, and hair pulling. If we tried to pick him up, we'd make sure to grab hold of his arms to avoid a hit, headbutt, or pull of the hair (usually reserved just for me).

And then yesterday. After a couple of particularly hard days I was tired of dealing with the twos. My spirits were already low. And a tantrum began. Only this time he managed to add something more. After a particularly hard hair pull, he just sat there and laughed. Laughed at my futile efforts. Laughed at my weakness. Laughed at me. So I cried.

And wouldn't you know, today he has been just shy of angelic. He's probably harnessing his special powers for the upcoming weekend when we are with large crowds of family. Then, and especially then, he will unleash the beast.


Kimba said...

Poor little guy. And you and Mark! He was so tired and frustrated on Sunday. How did Mark's mom do it?!

Five Little Monkeys said...

Hello BridgeBridget,

You are a skilled writer and photographer with catching Owen just at the right moment as he turned into the green HULK. You should have that green looked at!
I'm sorry to hear he pushed all the right buttons the other day. I think we must have the same virus infecting some of our little ones on given days... minus the big hands.

It's us! The Powell's said...

The ones we love and serve the most are the easiest to hurt us. I hope to see you while you are visiting. Perhaps we can swap "war" stories.

Heather said...

Yikes! Perhaps a helmet is in order... for you both. Hope you have a fun filled fourth!

Lucky Red Hen said...

Oh, Bridge. I am soo sad for you. That's absolutely frustrating. I'm sorry his actions sent you to tears. Dangit. The helmet idea isn't a bad idea... he'd be protected but it'd be a disciplinary tool to teach him that he must stop or look like a silly plastic head. I will help while you're here.

Britanny said...

I think at some point every mother has been there. While you are visiting here I will try to help too. Let's give the power back to the parents!

turleybenson said...

Wow. That's a new level. How is it fair that you have a child just like you...and your wife has to be the one to deal with it? (yeah, I mean you, Mark)

I am in for a real treat if the same is true for ours. Mike was no angel either, if you can imagine that.

Brookie said...

Hey Bridgette! I remember thinking my little Daenen was an angel too and then he just let loose around 2. It's so awful. Hang in there...your doing great. I love the hulk picture too- a great sense of humor will go a long way!

Jeana said...


I found your blog from Jami's. I know those days...Ben and Landon have BOTH ben ganging up on me! I love the picture. Let me know if you ever need a break and he can come play with my boys. I would be glad to help out in any way.

Abby said...

Hey Bridge.
How frustrating that must have been! You are a very poised and collected person. I won't offer any advice, because, well, I'm not a mom. I still admire your crazy mom skills, though, and want you to know that you're a great example of momming to me. And yes, momming is a word.
Hang in there. Owen is a good kid at heart. Although, maybe if he wore the hulk hands more he wouldn't be able to pull your hair so much. ;)
Also, if you feel like you're at your wits end, just think of Spongebob saying "Easy like Sunday morning." Say it over and over to yourself very slowly. I know it will work.