Sunday, March 23, 2008


Ours went a little like this.

Our Easter celebration started early this year with our friends, Kim and Caleb. They had to spend their Easter in Maui (that's right) so we got together earlier in the week and partook of a delicious spread. Let me take you through it. It began with slices of baked marmalade-glazed ham piled atop a platter, garnished with carmelized orange slices. Scalloped potatoes with sauteed leeks and gruyere cheese paired perfectly with the ham. And the most delicious artichokes with lemon butter, grilled to perfection, completed the feast. My mouth is watering just remembering the goodness! Seriously. Good.

Like father, like son. We all got in the Easter spirit this year. Doesn't that look like spirit to you?

We attended a Saturday Easter picnic with some friends. Owen took part in his very first Easter Egg Hunt. He cleaned up like a champ. Says Owen, "Yeah, that's my loot. Peace, out."

And Easter morning, though mostly uneventful, left Owen with a few new books and a mouthful of treats.


Britanny said...

He's so dang cute!!! Owen, that is.

Baxter Bugs said...

You're spread looked a lot more gourmet than mine. At least I didn't have to cook... unless you call Mac 'n Cheese with hot dog bits cooking.

It's us! The Powell's said...

I am interested in what makes the pictures outside so bright? Why the need for sunglasses? I am just really conf...oh wait...that's right, you have SUN in San Jose! Today it was snowing in Redmond.

Kimba said...

He IS looking bigger! Wish we could've been there, I love Easter Egg hunts. :)