Tuesday, November 01, 2011

A Happy Halloween

The boys went for a reptilian theme this year. They chose to be a turtle and a dragon for Halloween. The turtle was easy because Owen wore the same costume when he was younger. And though Mark would rather he went as something "cooler", Gavin insisted on being a turtle. And a very cute turtle he was.

O's costume was a little harder. I looked around for dragon costumes, but I didn't like anything I saw. They all looked cheesy, or toddler-ish, or too much like a dinosaur. I wanted him to have a more grownup dragon look...without being gross. I think we achieved it. Sure the costume could have been more comprehensive, but the overall look was great.

You can catch a glimpse of our pumpkin carving in the photos above. But you can't see all the work that went into Owen's pumpkin. He first drew out a plan on paper, then he drew it on the pumpkin. And he carved it mostly by himself. I thought the finished project looked amazingly like his plan...and amazingly good. But he didn't think it was as creepy as Gavin's (Mark's) jack-o-lantern face. So he had Mark help him carve a creepier one on the back. Double the face, double the creepy I guess.

And I'll leave you with this photo we call "Halloween turtle of joy". Hope you had a Happy Halloween!


Abby said...

Halloween turtle of joy. I love it!

Kimba said...

yeah, with you and mark combined the kid is going to have some serious talent. amazing, o! and such attention to detail!

gav just kills me. every time!

Angela said...

What fun costumes and pumpkins. I see some cute outside Halloween decorations behind your kids. Where did you find them?

bridge said...

I found them at Pottery Barn Kids on clearance. Check their website, there may still be some left!

Britanny said...

Cute kids! I remember when O got that costume--Alice and I were visiting. I think his pumpkin looks amazing! The apples haven't fallen too far from the tree.

Brey said...

awesommmmeeee costumes !!

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With love.

alexdroid980 said...

I like the costumes :)

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