Monday, December 20, 2010

Handmade Gifts

It is a tradition in my family to do a gift giving swap each Christmas where we draw names and give to three different people. This year we incorporated a new rule that one of the items must be handmade. And I happened to draw my sister's husband for that one. So...what, what, what to do? I think it'd be a whole lot easier to make something for my sister or sisters-in-law. But no. I had to get creative. Since my brother-in-law is in a band, I decided to make him a guitar strap cover. And because he isn't a reader of this blog I won't spoil anything by sharing the finished product:

I also spent some time creating a few handmade crafts to sell at a holiday boutique my friend hosts in the area. These are the countdown blocks I made:

And while looking around the boutique I met a grandmother who hand knits these lovely little baby sweaters. They were so cute! I just couldn't resist. I had to buy this adorably festive one (for only $8 I might add). It is just tiny and sparkly and I love it.

One other thing I should share is a fun kit we put together this year for our neighbors. We gave them an assortment of goodies to make gingerbread houses. I like the idea of giving them something they can do together as a family. And who doesn't love to eat the leftover sweets!


Kimba said...

gorgeous, as always. i loved that gingerbread kit idea, and one of these days you need to teach me how to do the blocks! i love 'em.

and i hope that pink sweater has gone in your collection. :)

Britanny said...

I won't tell a single soul...

Brenda Hodson said...

This collection... of little girls items, is there something you are not telling us?

Fernando said...

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