Wednesday, October 13, 2010

That Doggie in the Window

Owen's wanting a dog has been a reoccurring theme for awhile now. For as long as I can remember, he's been fascinated with dogs. He loves everything about them. He is convinced he needs one. Remember this? And Gavin is right alongside him. He takes notice of every dog everywhere we go. Even the faintest bark sets him in search of a hound.

There's just one problem. I am NOT a dog person. Well...I do like them at a distance. I think it would be great for the boys to have a dog. I had a dog for a short time growing up and I loved it. But the thought of taking care of it, cleaning up after it, getting attached to it. I feel like I'd be taking on another half child. Not sure I'm up for that.

Yet Owen is relentless. Everyday he talks about getting a dog. I feel myself slowly wearing down. About a week ago on our trip to the library I suggested we check out some books on dogs. That way we could learn more about different kinds and how much work it is to take care of a pet. In a way I was hoping it would distract him from the daily debate. Instead, I found this hanging above his bed the next day:

He had looked through that piddly library book like it was a catalogue. And he ordered up the one he wanted. Total backfire. After a frank reminder about how to treat library books I asked him why he hung the page up. And his response was, "When Santa comes to my house he'll think this boy wants a pug for Christmas."

The question of whether or not we're getting a dog remains to be seen. But what's certain is we'll be checking out this event again this year. It's too cute (weird) to be missed.


Lisa said...

Oh my gosh, hahahaha. I love that kid. Will wants a dog too. He knows I also do & knows what kind I want so he slyly talks about how cute that particular breed of dog is. He's wearing me down also.... Unfortunately (for him) I'M not the one he needs to convince.

Looks like the Solomons are getting a puppy for Christmas :)

Kimba said...

i still maintain i have a perfectly...okay. let's be real. he's house trained. he won't bite.

a real seller, isn't he? :)

janet solomon said...

krissy and dan have an extra dog we will fly out. deal???? it is free and another dog and a cat can be thrown in for a bonus.

Abby said...

Just do it to it.

Dogs are where it's at.