Monday, July 26, 2010

Event Planning

After posting my pics of Gavin's birthday celebration, I was asked for some party ideas for my friend's little girl. I have lots of ideas floating around in my head when it comes to parties. There is inspiration everywhere. And planning a party for a girl is a treat. So I put together a few inspiration boards to help with the planning.
Like any of these, Stella?

Pinwheels: starting with the invitation, and decorations, even an outfit for the birthday girl to wear.

ABCs/Colors: paralleling the theme I used for Gavin's bday, it would be great to incorporate a touch of alphabet. Of note? The rainbow knit hat is on sale for $6 on Etsy. So darling! And the hanging colored pieces are just strands of paint chips.

Forest Friends: Love this one! Got the invitation, decorations, cupcakes, even a couple gift ideas; a delightful board book and a perfect plush bunny (also on Etsy).

These were so fun to create, I just might do another round.


turleybenson said...

Unfortunately, I'm about to throw the tackiest co-birthday party known to man. The other mom already had a "Cars" theme going, so I decided to provide equal Elmo focus, to balance it out.

Tell me how to make THAT classy. Sigh. I'm trying to get over it.

Britanny said...

Bridge--I LOVE these ideas. Now, if I ever have the energy to actually throw this kind of party, I am coming straight to you.

Kimba said...

i'm telling ya bridge - this is your calling. maris, help me out! let's get this girl going!

Justin and Randi said...

You are making this so hard but i think the forest friends seems so perfect for a fall birthday!
I wish we lived closer to you guys. Do you know of any architecture jobs near by?