Tuesday, May 11, 2010

No Training Wheels

I think I was six or seven before I learned to ride a bike without training wheels. So I was pretty impressed tonight when I saw this!

Just three years old! No running alongside his bike, helping him balance, then letting go while he wobbles around a bit. Smooth sailing from the get go! But how did he do it?

Well I suppose it started about a year ago when we got him a Skuut balance bike. He rode that thing around until he was able to cruise at top speeds with his feet off the ground. Then we bought him a regular pedal bike. He didn't take to the pedals very easily at first. He got frustrated because he couldn't go as fast as he could on the Skuut. So we decided to put training wheels on while he got the hang of it.

Then tonight the training wheels came off for the first time. And just like that, he rode like a pro.


Kimba said...

Holy crap, O! Way to go, you guys! That is seriously impressive. We want to see it in person!

Jeana said...

That is what we did with Ben and it worked like a charm. Poor Landon's leggs are still to short to reach the pavement on the balance bike but hopefully in time he will grow into them so he can join O. Great video! Way to go O!!

Abby said...

Holy cow. That is amazing! I don't know how old I was, but I definitely remember being older than three for pete's sakes.

Way to go, buddy!

Jami said...

Wow! That's impressive! Cute little O.

Heather said...

Love those balance bikes! We had one for Kaden when he was 3, & it worked like a charm! Way to go Owen!

Lisa said...

WOW! Go Owen! I think I was seriously 7 before I had the guts to ride without training wheels. I don't think Will is quite ready for that step yet :)