Tuesday, February 23, 2010

On My Phone

I can't manage to get my act together enough to write up an actual post. So I'll let my last five iphone photos tell the story. (Not too impressed with the quality of my phone camera, but whatever.}

Dinner time is tricky these days. Most nights Owen is talking my ear off and begging me to chase him while Gavin is stuck like glue to my ankles. But on this particular night Owen took charge of entertaining Gavin. I thought his attention to style was a nice touch.

California in late winter. Gotta love it. Here's Mark, Owen, and our little buddy Wyatt hanging out at the park.

We have an "in" at the fire station. We got a personal tour of the newly-built station where our brother-in-law works in Utah. I even took my turn sliding down the fire pole. Sorry, no picture.

One of Owen's favorite parts of traveling...the taxi ride to and from the airport. He usually talks the ear off of the poor driver. This time he settled in and enjoyed the ride. I guess he had used up his dialogue on the plane ride. Grandma Solomon had given him a small notebook and some stickers. And he spent a good hour on the plane "writing" in his notebook. All the while he would say out loud what he was writing. It went something like this:
Dear Dad, please be nice to me.
(next line)
Dear Mom, you need to be nice to me.
(next line)
Dear Grandma, be nice to me.
(next line)
Dear Gavin, stop pulling people's hair.

Well if that isn't a good glimpse into Owen's life, I don't know what is. Such a sad childhood he has. Maybe I should be nicer to him.

And the new Gavin face. This little guy got his first two teeth in the space of a week. We left town to find the first one poking through the gums. And we returned just as the second was coming in. Now he makes all sorts of cute faces as he checks out his new teeth with his lips and tongue.


Kimba said...

Augh! So fun! Let's get together and catch up - I'll call / text. And we'll pray for sun.

Two teeth! Way to go Gav! Hope it wasn't terrible. :)

It's us! The Powell's said...

Thank you for the update and sharing a bit of your life with us. Handsome boys.