Wednesday, February 11, 2009

It Sucks!

My new vacuum, that is.

I have had the same vacuum for the past 8 years. It was given to us as a wedding gift. And that little Dirt Devil has done its job well, or so I thought. Over the past few months when I would take it out to clean I would notice the faint smell of burning rubber. And there’s nothing I like better than a clean house smelling like mechanical malfunctions. I had also noticed that the poor Devil was not picking up all the little fuzzies and crumbs off the carpet. No matter how many back and forths I gave it, there was still a smathering of specks left behind. And when the hose attachment gave out it was the last straw. This was unacceptable, I said. So I began the search for a new vacuum.

After much research and shopping, I finally found a keeper. Last weekend we brought it home and tried it out. You would not believe the excitement that welled up inside me as we unpackaged the box and assembled the new sucker. It was like the best birthday ever…and it wasn’t even my birthday. (Side note: I have a friend whose husband…with the best of intentions…surprised her with a new vacuum on her birthday. She was so devastated by it that she was in tears when I dropped by her house to give her a little gift. At the time I thought he screwed up big time). Turns out I would have been overjoyed to receive such a gift. There is something about cleaning supplies that warms my heart. I could write a whole post about my favorites (later, maybe). I am seriously so excited to pull out my new vacuum and clean the floors. In fact, just to prove how pleased I am with the new product you must see this:

The photo was taken on Mark's iPhone just after we assembled the vacuum and used it on the living room and dining room carpets. That is just two room's worth! What was my old vacuum picking up? Apparently nothing.

So I welcome you, vacuum. Thank you for sucking.


Britanny said...

You've got to tell me what kind you ended up with. I could use a new one. Actually, mine works great when the filters are clean--I just hate cleaning them.

Kimba said... that Mark's white and green sock?

Just curious.

I would so love a Bridge's Favorite Things post. :) Aren't vacuums great?! I wish mine would suck...

It's us! The Powell's said...

My wife picked up a new vacuum a few months ago and had much of the same feelings. We graduated from our Dirt Devil and realized that the price you pay for a vacuum is about the quality of suction you're going to get (this is a small sampling size statement).
I also think that the "stuff" you first vacuum up is tucked somewhere inside the new vacuum and comes out to further amaze the buyer (at least this made me feel better when I first discovered what the "other" vacuum was not getting).

Abby said...

We got a new vacuum last year and we quite like it as well.

But what kind did you end up with, anyway?

Baxter Bugs said...

Do tell - what kind did you choose?

And what a koinkidink...

we just got a new vacuum this week as well.

Not to mention "vacuum" is a weird word to spell. It leaves me feeling I've spelled it wrong.