Saturday, January 24, 2009

These Boots Were Made For Walking...

And jumping and climbing and riding and lounging and just plain looking cool.
For the past year of Owen's life a certain fondness for these galoshes developed. He insisted on wearing them everywhere, refusing the lesser options in his closet. No matter the weather, no matter the activity, he slipped on those duds and wore them with pride.

But this week we decided it was high time to retire the beloved boots. Now don't get me wrong, I liked them too. Afterall, I bought them in the first place. And they offered an easy solution for getting shoes on and off in a pinch. But I absolutely had to call it quits when the stink took over. Picture sockless the heat...almost year round. And the poor plastic outers were cracked and scratched and looking pretty tired.

The replacements arrived recently in the mail and so far they are not a favorite. But I think Owen will accept them in time. Plus, they came with patented antimicrobial technology. No stink? I love them already.


Kimba said...

Poor boots. We'll have to give them a proper goodbye! Hopefully the new ones will catch on quick!

Abby said...

Can you help me assasinate Bri's moccasins?

They need to go the way of all the earth, too.

Baxter Bugs said...

We have galoshes too.

We started with a green bug pair and moved on to a more mature black.

'Course there are always the cowboy boots he owns too.

So in the end - I like how you managed to combine cowboy with galosh.

What pray tell did the replacements look like?