Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Real Roadtrip

Last week we took our first real roadtrip with Owen. I guess any extended amount of time in the car could qualify as a roadtrip, but in my mind it has to be at least 6 hours. And in this case it was 13. 13 long hours.

The purpose of our trip was two-fold. Work and family. Mark had to travel to Seattle for work, and that just happens to be near my family. So I decided to tag along.

We were skeptical about the long journey considering Owen's opposition to his carseat. He has been known to escape even the tightest of buckles when he wants out. Once he even opened the car door while I was driving. (But that's another blog altogether.) We decided now was as good a time as any for introducing him to the roadtrip.

Amazingly, he did not try to escape once. He was a very good little passenger, except for that one time he puked all over. Then there was the time he puked again. Oh, and after a change of clothes and a wipedown of the seat he puked a third time. So if you discount the faint smell of vomit for the remainder of the trip, it was really not so bad.

The good news? We survived our first family road trip.

The bad news? Every time we get in the car Owen thinks he needs his blanket, pillow, milk, snacks, a fistful of toys, and a show to watch.


Srudd said...

That's always fun. we have a resident puker in our family too. Claire. It seems to have gotten better though. Good luck on future trips... (those cookie dough buckets work great)

It's us! The Powell's said...

What? No pictures of Owen in the car! It was great seeing you while you were here. Just kidding as I was busy washing my hair. :)
Perhaps we should've traded in your automobile on that 110% of Kelley Blue Book value offer I blogged about? That new car smell is a bit better than the smell of vomit (at least in my opinion).
You're wonderful and you're missed.

Kimba said...

I thought it was hilarious when he got in yesterday and immediately started pulling his shoes off (for the 10 minute car ride home). He got a taste of the sweet life, and he isn't giving it up! :)

Abby said...

Maybe it's actually a good thing, maybe now he's actually USED to his carseat!

simply jami said...

I just want to see you as a mom, Bridgette! Come visit us in Houston!