Thursday, August 14, 2008

Hotel Solomon

Coming to the Bay Area? Need a place to stay? We offer very affordable rates. We also provide free cable/internet access and a continental breakfast (cereal, mostly). Our luxurious (kind of) pool and hot tub add to the amenities.

Seriously, we love having visitors! And August has already brought two sets of visiting friends and family. Take a look!

Mark's parents and nephew (Chase) came to visit just in time for Owen's birthday. And we made our first trip down to Monterey while they were here.

Our day was mostly spent at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. A very cool aquarium! And although Owen liked every little thing we saw, my highlight was the jellyfish exhibit. I have been fascinated with jellyfish ever since I wrote a research report on them in elementary school. They are amazing creatures!

Then came our Connecticut friends, Justin and Randi. We spent a beautiful day in San Francisco seeing the sights. And believe it or not, we spent the majority of our day at a rooftop park. Coolest slides I've seen in a long time. Owen was LOVING it! We also managed to see the MOMA, Golden Gate Bridge, and Wharf.

As always, the beach came into play. It involved burying Owen in the sand, relaxing in the sun, and hanging out on the boardwalk.

Tempted yet? Call me.


It's us! The Powell's said...

We'll be there tomorrow! :)

Abby said...

Oh, Bridge! You know I would MOVE IN with you if I could! You make Cali look so inviting. I'll be down pretty soon though....and I need to get those dates to you pronto!

Kimba said...

Your SF weather was way better than ours! Gorgeous pics Bridge! You do have a fabulous "hotel" going on. :) A little more accomodating than our one-butt bathroom.

kkjon said...

Do you have availability the end of September?

Just Plain Jackie said...

you'd better watch what you wish for... it might well just come true!
Aside, though - it's nice to know people in different places, that way you know you've got a place to hang your hat if you're ever in town!
(and you're now on my list. Hehehe.)

Heather said...

Oh it all looks like so much fun! We really will have to get down there sometime soon! Miss you guys...can't wait for our own version of the visiting the beach!