Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Made in Italy

I'm a little slow in getting pictures of Italy posted. Anyway, here's a glimpse of our wares (OR a few of my favorite things).

While in Italy, I really wanted to get a fun pair of Italian-made shoes. I found these in a shop in Venice. They are the greatest shade of red. I only regret that the photo does not show the pretty little detail in the back.

Mark's sister helped me find this beauty. She took us to a handful of ceramics mills who sell their products for much cheaper than you could buy them in the U.S. (despite the current exchange rate). I had been looking for a nice cake stand, and now I need an occasion to bake a cake!

This one's for Mark. We had no intention of buying knives on our trip. But Mark's mom was serious about getting a new set. So we went knife shopping, and lo and behold, walked out with this eye-catching set. Great knives, beautifully displayed. You might want to know that the base is Italian leather and the knife handles are made of Egyption buffalo horns. Fancy shmancy. Of course Mark wanted it for "design purposes". I can assure you he didn't buy it for the pure satisfaction of helping me with dinner. Still, I love it.

And this one's for Owen. Apparently Italians love their Pinocchio, for he was all over Italy. They also love their Venetian masks in honor of Carnival. So we decided to combine the two and buy a handcrafted Pinocchio mask in Venice to display in Owen's room. Very cute indeed.


It's us! The Powell's said...

I'll take one of each! Maybe not the shoes as my ankles look terrible in red. Great showing, I am sure you have plenty more...road trip to San Jose?

Britanny said...

I want those shoes!!! Too bad we aren't the same size, that way I could steal them. Does that mask creep out Owen? I think I would be scared if I saw it in my room at night.

Kimba said...

The shoes! How have I not seen your shoes? I am in love. Also, I'm sure we could come up with an occasion to use your cake stand. Maybe for surviving Casshern.

Five Little Monkeys said...

No shoes for me thanks, I'm not sure I could pull them off, this is Dan. The knife set is great though. Thats awesome that you got to go to Italy! Thanks for sharing so we can all live through you. : )