Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Take Luck

Today my two youngest brothers are off to serve church missions in South America. Chile, to be exact. This means they will spend the next two years of their lives doing missionary work. It's amazing, I tell ya. They are leaving on the very same day to serve in the very same country. How cool is that? Though Bryant is headed for the bitter cold and Brad the humid heat, they'll be in it together. What an experience it will be. I am so proud of them.

So Elder Hodson and Elder Hodson, TAKE care and good LUCK!


Shyla said...

How cool! I didn't even know you had two little brothers!

It's us! The Powell's said...

Congrats to your brothers. As you know, you are blessed with a loving and caring family. Had a nice conversation with your dad yesterday. He continues to be an example.

It's us! The Powell's said...

Have you elf'd your family? Check out the Powell Blog to see our family elf'd.
I see that you have it as a link on your blog site.
Happy Holidays!