Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Break In

It went like this. Owen and I decided to go outside and play for a bit before dinner this evening. We went out the front door and spent about a half hour exploring the yard and enjoying the beautiful weather. Not long after, Owen was ready to eat so we proceeded to go back inside. Wait. Door knob not working. Were we...gulp...locked out? I hadn't locked the door, but for some reason it wasn't opening. I jiggled it. I shoved it. I couldn't believe this was happening.

Maybe there was another door unlocked. (Afterall, we have 5 entrances to the house. Surely one of them was open.) AND NO. Okay, maybe I could get in through a window on the first floor. No luck there either. They were secure.

With no spare key, no cell phone and a hungry little boy, I started to panic. I WAS locked out! And to make things worse, my dear husband was...and still China on business. Totally unreachable. My next thought was to walk to the neighbor's house and call our good friends Kim and Caleb who live in the area. I was certain I had given them a spare key. Hold up! I don't know their cell numbers! Who memorizes phone numbers these days when you can just scroll through your cell phone book and press "call"? Who else did I know? Being relatively new to the area, I didn't know anyone else I could call.

Despair was settling in. I was racking my brain for any last ideas. I REALLY didn't want to go next door and introduce myself to my keep-to-themselves neighbors. "Hi, I'm Bridgette, your relatively new neighbor...and I wondered if I could have something for my son to eat, and oh, could I also call a locksmith because I can't get in my house!"

One last thought entered my mind. If I could pull a ninja move, perhaps I could break in to the house through a second-story window. And it went like this:Success! I managed to avoid an awkward disaster with only one single scrape to the arm. I'm not that great a ninja.

Note: Turns out we have a sticky latch on the front door. It did, in fact, lock itself when I closed it. So a new lock is in order. And have you ever tried to photograph your own elbow? Not as easy as it looks.


Shyla said...

Wow! Good job. Russell will be impressed with your ninja moves.

KimbaLee said...

I am still amazed that you were able to get up on the awning! And maybe, just to be safe, I should put your spare key on my key chain. :)

Oh, and maybe memorize each other's numbers. That's a start. :)

The Turleybensons said...

Well, good to know YOU are the one who broke in. That title scared me.

It's us! The Powell's said...

The title scared me too...great title Bridge on this one! Your photo was a great insight to your adventure. I am just amazed you did all that while holding baby O! Ha!
Your son dropped out of the story so I assume you Ninja'd with him!?
You might want to get one of those hid-a-key that looks like a rock to place in your garden. Heck you could hide the key on the second story gutters!

Lucky Red Hen said...

You could try hiding a key in the fake dog poop. Never thought of photographing my own elbow. Ninja.

Janyse said...

I was just going to comment like Adam?? You did all this with Owen in your arms? Or did you leave him screaming down on the grass watching his mother try not to kill herself?? Inquiring minds want to know. This was much better than my break-in story.

bridge said...

Actually, in response to your questions, Owen was standing below watching it all take place. And he was not liking it. As soon as I broke in I dashed downstairs and rescued him. Poor kid.

Pam said...

Just tripped over your blog, finding it listed as a favorite on another that I had read. The Solomon name was the hook. Imagine my surprise when it turned out to be you and Mark! Owen is darling -- I see Solomon written all over him, but then I only met your folks at your wedding.

Janet's friend, Pam