Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Summer Travels

We recently returned from a whirlwind trip where we visited both sets of grandparents. It was such a good time that I just had to post a couple of the highlights.
First stop - visiting our Utah family. We quickly got reacquainted with the hot, dry desert weather. And even more quickly we cured it...with lots of playing in sprinklers.
And then came Seattle, where we spent a downright good day at the fair. While there we participated in a world-record-breaking event for the most people doing the "Bunny Hop" at one time. The goal was to have 2,000 bunny hoppers, and rumor is that we succeeded. So look for us in the next Guinness Record book.


Heather said...

You guys are just the cutest in that cut-out! We had one at the fair, too!
Heading up to Seattle again anytime soon?

KimbaLee said...

Owen looks like he was in heaven with the sprinklers! It's so fun to see kids get so excited about the littlest things. :) He is such a happy little guy - and congrats on the world record! :)