Monday, January 22, 2007


In this first month of the year I thought it appropriate to post some of Owen's firsts. He's had quite a busy month. He experienced his first snow...quite a bit of snow I might add...while staying with his grandparents in Seattle.

He made his very first snow angel. It was just too cute!

He tried his very first rice cereal. Note: NOT an instant favorite

And he got his very first haircut. (He's wearing a bib because he kept trying to eat the cape. Wish he'd do the same with rice cereal!)


KimbaLee said...

Bridge I love it! :) He looks like such a little BOY! Especially when he was getting his hair cut. :) Did you save a lock? :)

Heather Donaldson said...

Hey there! We've joined the party...check us out!! P.S.- We miss you guys!

Heather said...

So, I've enjoyed watching the templates change... the spray paint was cool, & I dig the groovey designs... but I'm sorry to say this doesn't count as bloging! How 'bout an update on you guys instead of the banner?! J/K, looking forward to what's next!