Monday, November 13, 2006

What the Heely!

What do you do with a husband who has just bought himself a new pair of Heelys? In case you're not 8 years old, Heelys are a combination shoe and skate in one. They've been around awhile but have just recently made their debut on the adult market. Mark has been waiting for this day for quite sometime now. And he's already snatched himself up a pair. Mind you he's thirty-two years old.
On Saturday we had some errands to run, but not without the Heelys. As soon as we slipped on our shoes (I settled for my new Mary Jane Crocs) we were off to Safeway and Target. Now picture this: a dad pushing his 4-month-old around in a cart, zooming up and down the aisles on wheels, nearly losing his balance every now and then, and absolutely loving every minute! I suppose I can't hate the player. But I hate the game.

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KimbaLee said...

So we totally already talked about this, but uh, I think it's hilarious. But if it were CALEB...well....I might pretend I had no IDEA who that crazy man rolling down the isles was.... At least he won't be a boring dad. :)